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The experiment: Say “No” to “No”

Yesterday, a typical day at work. It is nice to see how time passes so fast, people come on holiday, spend the time together with the family, you serve them every day, twice per day, and when they leave, the table is empty, waiting for new ones to come. It`s so strange to see how the tables are in the same position every time since the season started, you clean the chairs twice per day after each guest seats on it, as if you clean his image away. You see how new people come, new arrivals, new characters with new ideas and new requests.

Yesterday I had a new table. 3 guests from UK. 2 men and one women. Just arrived at the table to ask for drinks and one of the men asked me:

-So, how do you pronounce your name?

-YNES. Like..Pina Colada . PI. Ynes.

-Oh..alright, Ynes. So, are you happy here? Are you happy in general? I want the person who brings me my food to be a happy person.

I stood silence for a moment and I`ve answered:

– Well, I assure you Sir that I am very positive about the food I will serve to you the rest of your stay!

And he smiled. I won`t give any details about my life right now, since it is not the right moment. But I have realised the importance of seeing the bright side of the story, of knowing how to avoid saying a no or saying something negative. Since yesterday I have decided to participate in my own experiment of saying “no” to a “no”. Whenever I feel like answering negative, I will try my best to answer with positive words.

“Are you sad?”

“There are people out there that suffer more than I do. So, I can be just very grateful.”


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