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The experiment: Say “No” to “No”

Yesterday, a typical day at work. It is nice to see how time passes so fast, people come on holiday, spend the time together with the family, you serve them every day, twice per day, and when they leave, the table is empty, waiting for new ones to come. It`s so strange to see how the tables are in the same position every time since the season started, you clean the chairs twice per day after each guest seats on it, as if you clean his image away. You see how new people come, new arrivals, new characters with new ideas and new requests.

Yesterday I had a new table. 3 guests from UK. 2 men and one women. Just arrived at the table to ask for drinks and one of the men asked me:

-So, how do you pronounce your name?

-YNES. Like..Pina Colada . PI. Ynes.

-Oh..alright, Ynes. So, are you happy here? Are you happy in general? I want the person who brings me my food to be a happy person.

I stood silence for a moment and I`ve answered:

– Well, I assure you Sir that I am very positive about the food I will serve to you the rest of your stay!

And he smiled. I won`t give any details about my life right now, since it is not the right moment. But I have realised the importance of seeing the bright side of the story, of knowing how to avoid saying a no or saying something negative. Since yesterday I have decided to participate in my own experiment of saying “no” to a “no”. Whenever I feel like answering negative, I will try my best to answer with positive words.

“Are you sad?”

“There are people out there that suffer more than I do. So, I can be just very grateful.”


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Revelation: Healing your pessimism

Throughout decades of research, scientists have discovered that once a person starts thinking positive,  positive things will start happening to him or her. People have taken this too seriously tho`. Thinking about you winning the lottery won`t bring you billions in your pocket the next day. No. People have misunderstood this theory and started to be sceptical about it because obviously thinking about how you will get back together with your ex in a positive manner, won`t bring him at your door the next day. It`s just because the positive things you want in your life, depend ONLY on you and not on the others. You cannot force someone to love you, but you can force yourself to be brighter each day that passes, no matter how long you have been waited for that someone to knock at your door. 

 This is the reason why there are so many pessimists around us. So many people that lose their faith in themselves and others. I have the tendency of “getting rid” of the people who have a bad karma on me. And yes, I do believe in Karma and all that crap. I get influenced very easily by people, by their emotions and feelings. Of course, if a friend needs me when hard times, I am there to help him and giving him all my positive energy. But when someone does not want to receive my help, I fade away. I do not want to feel useless for people who do not want, nor need my help. I do not want to lose my self-confidence because I simply cannot show them the right path, because they wouldn`t let me.  Some people will answer only with “I can`t”, “I don`t”, “I failed” and so on.

The moment you are open with yourselves, the moment you consider the bright side of the story, the moment you have faith and the moment you start to forgive yourselves for being humans and making mistakes, the moment when you realise that the sun will eventually rise tomorrow morning, you will start healing your pessimism. And no matter how hard times can be, go have a talk to yourself and see where can you improve next time.

Nothing represents the end of the world. Disappointed in love, by friends, by co-workers, by family, hurt feelings and crashed hearts, if you have 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs, one heart and one mind, both healthy, then you are a human with a bright future ahead. A future for which you can move even mountains from their place. You need the will and the smile on your face. Cause one thing I have learned since I was young: “There is no such thing as “I cannot”, there is just “I do not want”. Make some changes!

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Sommer ist da!

Am ales un theme care sa va impregneze sentimentul de “vara”, un theme colorat si care ne bine dispune pe toti. Si cum vara mea va fi plina (din toate punctele de vedere), ma gandesc serios la un nou proiect WordPress. Va fi o surpriza placuta, sper eu, si voi incerca sa finalizez planul de “atac” cat mai curand ca sa pot sa il pun si in practica. Inca nu m-am hotarat daca va fi in romana sau engleza, lucrez la asta.

Sa va povestesc ce am facut weekend-ul trecut! La cele peste 30 de grade care erau afara, sambata dimineata la 9 jumate ma aflam pe strada Cobalcescu. Opresc masina in fata unei case vechi, gard vopsit (daca se poate spune asa) verde si vad un afis colorat pe care scria :”Targul Vintage Cutezatoarele”. Imi fac curaj si intru. Si atunci s-a produs fenomenul: BOOM! O explozie de culori, haine colorate, accesorii vintage care iti luau ochii, palarii, esarfe, pantofi si fete. Multe fete. Cu prietenii lor care, saracii, carau umerase si alte suporturi de agatat “marfa”. Acolo am intalnit-o pe Oana, organizatoare: o tipa misto, modesta, faina. Pe masuta aranjase prajiturele home-made si limonada rece, numai buna de baut pe canicula. Printre hainele bunicii zburdau fete imbracate care mai de care, in combinatii traznite, dar cu bun gust. Mirosul de tei combinat cu vechi ma ametise. Era ca intr-o poveste. Susoteli, barfe inocente, rasete copilaroase, zambete in stanga si in dreapta..A meritat sa las soarele sa imi arda umerii. Initiative de soiul asta sa tot fie, fetelor! Ati facut o treaba faina, un alt mod de a te distra in afara de o plimbare pe Dorobanti. In spatele unui gard aproape daramat, se ascunde o comoara. Trebuie sa risti, sa treci de gard, sa o descoperi. Asa e si in viata: comorile sunt ascunse in cele mai intunecoase si urate locuri. Ca sa dai de oameni, adevarate comori, trebuie sa dai mai intai de lepre.:). Asta inseamna sa te risti.

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Poza zilei

De fapt, sunt trei poze mari si late pe care tin foarte mult sa le postez azi:

IMG_2159-1Decesul pasiunii conjugale.

IMG_2137 Linistea dinaintea furtunii sau “Apocalipsa”

IMG_2146-1Barbatii “gandesc” atat de mult, incat le iese desteptaciunea pe-afara.


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