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I have realised how many people tend to disconnect themselves. But not from the world, thus from the others around them. They are too connected to the world,  they cannot stop one second to look at what surrounds them. Disconnected by distance, time and space. Disconnected by relationships of all kind, by selfishness and by their own reflection. Friends are friends because they usually have something in common. You are the reflection of your friends, their “product”. When you tend to have your personality crisis and start changing things in your life, friends are wondering. Their reflection of themselves, in which you are included as well, is starting to look more as a reflection of a different person, even though you are still the same. Changes can be good, but at first glance, friends take them as an act of you not willing to be like them, or you not willing to be as they got used to..

Some friends finally understand this need of change, because we all make them. Some do not, just because they cannot stop that one second to understand. It is easier to judge and let it go by itself. We all do it. And this is how we disconnect one from each other.Letting time, distance and space being taken away by the velocity of the world.


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