Story from a table

As I already told you guys before, it`s kinda strange to see that from week to week you start having different feelings towards the tables you have to serve at. This week maybe you hate one table, because the people sitting at it are really annoying and disrespectful. Next week you love it, simply because the guests are treating you nice (and by nice I do not mean receiving tips only!!). So a couple of weeks ago, I had table 13. There was a couple: a *Her” and a “Him”. She was about 50 years old, but she looked very young, despite all the wrinkles on her face. Her eyes were really green and her hair was always perfect. You could have easily say that she is a Lady: the way she walked, the way she was looking at you (sometimes with coldness, sometimes with sweetness), the way she was eating, and finally, the way she was talking to the one in front of her.

He, on the other side, was an old man at about 70 or 80, with his white hair always perfect, on a side, a tall and skinny man, dressed poorly (compared to the wines he ordered during his stay), glucose allergic, but with a voice full of care and love that from the first moment I have remarked. I do not know if they were together or not, as a couple, because they never kissed, they had only intelligent discussions about wine making process, about history and philosophy. But I am sure that for this man, this women was everything he had at that very moment. I was clearing another table next to theirs and suddenly heard:

“Cheers for you, my darling! Thank you for making my life wonderful every day!”

And she smiled, like a Lady. Of course, I stopped for a moment and realised: despite their age, they are still young inside. Their eyes were so young and cheerful and full of joy. She was waiting for him to finish all his meals. In this time, she was looking at him and from time to time sang the song that was played at the piano, but so quiet, that you could have only see her lips moving. I never saw him looking around them, except looking at her. Only when, of course, I was serving their meals and drinks, he always called my name:

“Thank you, Ynes, for this wonderful meal”,”Ynes, I think we will keep the wine for tomorrow, or..just pour a bit more now. You know why? Because I am going to have some cheese and if I have my cheese, my wine, I will be more than happy tonight!”.

Once, he asked me if he can play the piano. I did not know what to answer since the piano over here is very expensive and only our pianist is allowed to touch it. And moreover, I did not know if he would know to play it. I`ve asked my boss and the next moment I came back from the kitchen, I saw him: playing a song full of joy, with his quick hands, the other guests were fascinated, as well as the Lady that could not stop smiling. In the end, he apologized if he disturbed anyone, but his piano at home is broken and did not play it for a long time. The other guests were still applauding. At the end of their stay, I did not have the opportunity to say good bye, since I had off. I did not receive any tips, even though I was being their waitress during their whole stay. But I received something more important: the joy of serving them. It was my pleasure to serve them, it was my pleasure to make them happy and pleased. To see such a young smile on an old face. To hear small chats about history and philosophy and most of all, to see that love can be of all kind, at any age and no matter how old you are, you should not feel embarrassed to express what you feel towards the ones that you love.

Cheers to all of you who are not afraid!

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