“Death makes life possible”

While reading some articles about Zen Attitude, I have come upon this sentence, apparently written by Deepak Chopra, but I think these words were told long before this guy wrote a book about life, death and spirituality. As we all know, life is a continuous cycle. We are told since very young that we are born, we grow up and we die. But things are not that simple as they seem to be. We see death as something terrifying, as something that cannot happen to us, but we do know that one day it will come and take us away from the loved ones and we will eventually find ourselves somewhere alone and will end up being in Heaven or Hell or these kind of stories you already know. I am not saying that I am sceptical about the existence of Heaven or Hell, nor about the existence of God, nor about the existence of the Great Judgement. Still…I do believe that death really makes life possible.

Because what your grandparents, priests, parents, friends and so on, did not tell you, is that yes! you are born, you grow up and from that moment, you start dying and being re-born over and over again. How? Think about your childhood. The times when you were 2 years old. That baby is dead now. The only thing alive about that 2-years baby is your own memory. This happens as well when you are 16, 20, 50 or 90. You die every time, because you become your own memory. And then you are re-born in another position, in another character, with other dreams and other targets. Because death is spiritual as well..I would even say more spiritual than material. You cannot stop to an age. You keep growing and dying and becoming a memory of your own, for yourself. How many times you stood silent for a couple of seconds and realised how much you miss your childhood and the kid inside of you?

I do not want to portray death as a cruel thing in our lives that is happening to us every moment and every second, because after death, we are still here. We still grow, we still change ourselves and the moment that Supreme Death will come, you will become a memory for others. For now, you are a memory of yourself. This is how death makes life possible, because every age has its own spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every age has its own date of birth and date of death.

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