Far away from home

I just realised that I have reached the point where I start regreting and cursing my alarm clock, because I did not get to drink a cup of coffee with my mom, while dreaming. I know, it may sound a bit weird,  but I cannot describe the feeling of great happiness I had when I we sat down, just about to drink that damn coffee. But suddendly I said: “oh, at the other coffee shop they sell also chocolate cakes. Imma go and buy one and bring it over here”. Went there, almost bought the choco cake and the alarm started to ring. I woke up disappointed.

You start appreciating things even in your dreams. When I was back home, I missed so many events and so many little things that were done in my family. I used to lay in my bed all day long, as if I was tired to see the common faces in the house. At one point I even started to eat alone, since I dont know how, I was not hungry when everybody was, so I was missing every family meal. Now I realise how much I miss all these. The price you pay for your future is being so far away from your true home. And by true home I mean the little things that fill your soul with happiness. Hearing your younger brother playing his first songs on the piano from your room and not hearing him on Skype, from so many km, is on the list as well and it`s just a minor example.

Think about the little things you would miss in your family. The screams  between brothers, the way your mum calls your name, the way your dad waits for you when you are coming late from a party, the way your dog sleeps, the way the coffee tastes, the way your grandmother tells you to clean your room.

I guess you cannot realise all these until you “fly” away from home.


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