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The experiment: Say “No” to “No”

Yesterday, a typical day at work. It is nice to see how time passes so fast, people come on holiday, spend the time together with the family, you serve them every day, twice per day, and when they leave, the table is empty, waiting for new ones to come. It`s so strange to see how the tables are in the same position every time since the season started, you clean the chairs twice per day after each guest seats on it, as if you clean his image away. You see how new people come, new arrivals, new characters with new ideas and new requests.

Yesterday I had a new table. 3 guests from UK. 2 men and one women. Just arrived at the table to ask for drinks and one of the men asked me:

-So, how do you pronounce your name?

-YNES. Like..Pina Colada . PI. Ynes.

-Oh..alright, Ynes. So, are you happy here? Are you happy in general? I want the person who brings me my food to be a happy person.

I stood silence for a moment and I`ve answered:

– Well, I assure you Sir that I am very positive about the food I will serve to you the rest of your stay!

And he smiled. I won`t give any details about my life right now, since it is not the right moment. But I have realised the importance of seeing the bright side of the story, of knowing how to avoid saying a no or saying something negative. Since yesterday I have decided to participate in my own experiment of saying “no” to a “no”. Whenever I feel like answering negative, I will try my best to answer with positive words.

“Are you sad?”

“There are people out there that suffer more than I do. So, I can be just very grateful.”



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Revelation: Healing your pessimism

Throughout decades of research, scientists have discovered that once a person starts thinking positive,  positive things will start happening to him or her. People have taken this too seriously tho`. Thinking about you winning the lottery won`t bring you billions in your pocket the next day. No. People have misunderstood this theory and started to be sceptical about it because obviously thinking about how you will get back together with your ex in a positive manner, won`t bring him at your door the next day. It`s just because the positive things you want in your life, depend ONLY on you and not on the others. You cannot force someone to love you, but you can force yourself to be brighter each day that passes, no matter how long you have been waited for that someone to knock at your door. 

 This is the reason why there are so many pessimists around us. So many people that lose their faith in themselves and others. I have the tendency of “getting rid” of the people who have a bad karma on me. And yes, I do believe in Karma and all that crap. I get influenced very easily by people, by their emotions and feelings. Of course, if a friend needs me when hard times, I am there to help him and giving him all my positive energy. But when someone does not want to receive my help, I fade away. I do not want to feel useless for people who do not want, nor need my help. I do not want to lose my self-confidence because I simply cannot show them the right path, because they wouldn`t let me.  Some people will answer only with “I can`t”, “I don`t”, “I failed” and so on.

The moment you are open with yourselves, the moment you consider the bright side of the story, the moment you have faith and the moment you start to forgive yourselves for being humans and making mistakes, the moment when you realise that the sun will eventually rise tomorrow morning, you will start healing your pessimism. And no matter how hard times can be, go have a talk to yourself and see where can you improve next time.

Nothing represents the end of the world. Disappointed in love, by friends, by co-workers, by family, hurt feelings and crashed hearts, if you have 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs, one heart and one mind, both healthy, then you are a human with a bright future ahead. A future for which you can move even mountains from their place. You need the will and the smile on your face. Cause one thing I have learned since I was young: “There is no such thing as “I cannot”, there is just “I do not want”. Make some changes!

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I have realised how many people tend to disconnect themselves. But not from the world, thus from the others around them. They are too connected to the world,  they cannot stop one second to look at what surrounds them. Disconnected by distance, time and space. Disconnected by relationships of all kind, by selfishness and by their own reflection. Friends are friends because they usually have something in common. You are the reflection of your friends, their “product”. When you tend to have your personality crisis and start changing things in your life, friends are wondering. Their reflection of themselves, in which you are included as well, is starting to look more as a reflection of a different person, even though you are still the same. Changes can be good, but at first glance, friends take them as an act of you not willing to be like them, or you not willing to be as they got used to..

Some friends finally understand this need of change, because we all make them. Some do not, just because they cannot stop that one second to understand. It is easier to judge and let it go by itself. We all do it. And this is how we disconnect one from each other.Letting time, distance and space being taken away by the velocity of the world.

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“Classy” vs “not-that-classy” Valentine`s Day

Since I do not celebrate Valentine`s Day, I can`t really give you ideas of presents and so on. But one thing I can share with you guys, and probably this will  push me to celebrate as well this year, is this bottle of Möet Champagne, limited edition. And of course, as a garnish it would be perfect a bunch of pink Macaroons. For those of you who want it classy, elegant and expensive.

Though, I may stick to the Trojka Pink tomorrow.;) Instead of macaroons, I can easily eat some choco muffins haha:)

What would you choose for your Valentine`s?:)

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Difference between Ice Hotel Romania and Ice Palace Switzerland

The conclusion is yours ! 😉

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Enjoying my coffee above Europe

What London, NY, Paris, Tokyo, Milan?!? Whaaaaaat??!! No, no, excuse moi, I prefer enjoying my coffee above Europe!!!
So today since I had off from work, I decided to go to the famous region Jungfraujoch (which is 1h and a half away from where I live, by train). Took my camera and there I was, waiting for the train up to Jungfraujoch.
Now let`s admit it. I am kinda lucky since I get to see Europe from 3454 m above sea level on my day off.
The journey by train was really pleasant (as every journey with a Swiss train, obviously). But adding the wonderful white sites, full of people skiing and losing track of them between the rocky hills, sun shining so bright and damn..the SWISS ALPS which are quite astonishing!!

So you have  probably asked yourself  many times why are these Swiss people so famous for their rail tracks and trains and so on?! Because they managed to make a tunnel IN THE MOUNTAINS (ALPS) of 7 km in 14 years. So at a first glance it may sound a bit too much for 7 km, but think about the year in which they started to build it: somewhere in 1901, think about the weather conditions by that time – global warming was not so obvious so winter was pretty much WINTER at 3454 metres, think about the way they were bringing all the utencils and equipments up there. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. This is probably a minor example of why Switzerland is so good at its trains and rail tracks. And that`s probably why a ticket is so expensive!!

I knew before leaving home that I will definitely have to visit 2 major attractions: the famous “Sphinx”, which is actually a lift that brings you even more up and from which you can admire the extraordinary panorama. And the “Ice Palace”, which only from hearing its status of “PALACE”  you sure expect something really…WOW! So the first thing I did when I arrived was………..smoking my cigarette of course!!! haha.

The panorama from the Sphinx is breath-taking. Literally. There were -8 degrees Celsius, but the sun was so bright and at that altitude you could have felt the warmth of the sun. There was this Ice river (thats how they call it, for me it seems more like a sea) between the mountains and a lot of glaciars. You couldnt possibly stop taking pics!!

The next on the list: Ice Palace. I was more excited about this one, but sorry Swiss people who came with this idea, the “Palace” kinda disappointed me…So I went through this ice tunnel, at its end there were some ice ways to just walk over there and admire probably the icy walls?!! and some sculptured ice statues that were I am guessing 6 in total. There was even a toy in an ice cube, some nice eagles and…thats it!! So this was basically the Ice Palace. PALACE?

Now, Switzerland, I know you didn`t want to hear this, but I really HAVE TO COMPARE YOUR ICE PALACE WITH ICE HOTEL FROM ROMANIA! I mean, you know you can do better than this. You know it, but still, your palace can`t even be compared with a single room with a “Bear View” in Ice Hotel Romania. Ì am going to post the pictures, you can make the difference I guess. Switzerland, stick to your chocolates, cheese and trains. Leave the ice “palace” for Romania. 😉


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Far away from home

I just realised that I have reached the point where I start regreting and cursing my alarm clock, because I did not get to drink a cup of coffee with my mom, while dreaming. I know, it may sound a bit weird,  but I cannot describe the feeling of great happiness I had when I we sat down, just about to drink that damn coffee. But suddendly I said: “oh, at the other coffee shop they sell also chocolate cakes. Imma go and buy one and bring it over here”. Went there, almost bought the choco cake and the alarm started to ring. I woke up disappointed.

You start appreciating things even in your dreams. When I was back home, I missed so many events and so many little things that were done in my family. I used to lay in my bed all day long, as if I was tired to see the common faces in the house. At one point I even started to eat alone, since I dont know how, I was not hungry when everybody was, so I was missing every family meal. Now I realise how much I miss all these. The price you pay for your future is being so far away from your true home. And by true home I mean the little things that fill your soul with happiness. Hearing your younger brother playing his first songs on the piano from your room and not hearing him on Skype, from so many km, is on the list as well and it`s just a minor example.

Think about the little things you would miss in your family. The screams  between brothers, the way your mum calls your name, the way your dad waits for you when you are coming late from a party, the way your dog sleeps, the way the coffee tastes, the way your grandmother tells you to clean your room.

I guess you cannot realise all these until you “fly” away from home.

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